The Rocket League
"The Rotisserie Organization Comprised of KC's Elite Traders"
Competing Since 1993

Rocket League Competition - Summary of Performance by Owner

Standings in Previous Seasons
All-Time League Seasonal Bests/Worsts
Manager Stats: Summary of Points Won and Percentage of Points Won:

Individual Manager Stats Linked Below:  Owner, Team Name, Former Team Names

Mark Meads, Manager Marksmen  Team Meads/Cereal Killers/Wheatie Boys,
Richard Grantham, Manager Size Matters Foulkin' A's/Harden Fast/Last Foulken' Chance/Berroa Constrictors/Thome Guns/Rebels//Boomers/Horse With No Name/Bad Newz/Magnum Force
Kyle Dubois, Manager Zig Zag Rosin Bags None
Jim Lewis, Manager Winner Lou's Fin&Win,
Dave Ezell, Manager Weezells Uno Weezell/Weezell/Dewmolishers/No Mas/Dews,
Craig VanBebber/Robert Harris, Managers Slumpbusters None
Darry Davenport, Manager Darry Airs Disabled List/GB's,
Stan Sydnee/Cole Sydnee, Managers Rusty's Kuntz None
Jeff Bogart, Manager Disabled List None
Chris Peck, Manager Who's On Deck None

Retired Primary Owners
Chris Eichhorn, Manager Retired Taste The Rainbow,
Bill England, Manager Retired Dragons,
Derek Ezell, Manager Retired EZ Duz It/Weezells/Dewmolishers/No Mas/Dews,
Jim Felps, Manager Retired Got Melk?
John Flucke, Manager Retired Homerhead Sharks/Fin&Win,
Bob/Travis Horn, Manager Retired Longhorns,
Rich LaPietra, Manager Retired Eric's Rockets/Brent's Bombers
Matt McLeod, Manager Retired Dick Howsers,
Brad Meads/Claude Meads, Manager Retired M&M's/Minor League,
Ray Ortiz, Manager Retired Rain Man/Ray's Bullpen/Team Meads/Cereal Killers,
Jason Pharr, Manager Retired Left Fielders
Dave Sapenaro, Manager Retired Roto Tuff,
Tim Scheer, Manager Retired Scheer Madness,
Rob Tillotson/Jim Bolles, Manager Retired Tilstars,
Matt Wheeler/Erick Emerson, Manager Retired Mammer Jammers,