The Rocket League
"The Rotisserie Organization Comprised of KC's Elite Traders"
Competing Since 1993

Updated as of February 2023
To E-mail Rocket League managers, select the appropriate team:
  Team 1, Marksmen Mark Meads at office, Mark Meads at home,
  Team 2, Size Matters Richard Grantham at office Richard Grantham at home,
  Team 3, Zig Zag Rosin Bags Kyle Dubois at home/office, Kyle Dubois at home/office,
  Team 4, Winner Lou's Jim Lewis at home/office, Jim Lewis at home/office,
  Team 5, Weezells Dave Ezell at office Dave Ezell at home
  Team 6, Slumpbusters Craig Van Bebber at home, Robert Harris at home,
  Team 7, Darry Airs Darry Davenport at home/office, Darry Davenport at home/office,
  Team 8, Rusty's Kuntz Stan Sydnee at Home/office Cole Sydnee at home/office,
  Team 9, Disabled List Jeff Bogart at Home/office Jeff Bogart at Home/office
  Team 10, Iron Horses Mark B Meads at home/office Brad Meads at home/office